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How Asbestos Audits Can Save Lives in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and All over Queensland

A large percentage of properties built throughout the 20th century contain asbestos, a series of minerals known to cause lung cancers and other health problems. The good news is that not all properties containing asbestos are …read more.

Meet Legislative Requirements, with an Asbestos Audit in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast or Throughout Queensland

Asbestos audits are a necessary fact of life for businesses operating in older buildings. Used frequently in construction during the middle of the 20th century, asbestos containing materials (or ACMs) pose a major health risk to anyone who …read more.

When Do Companies Need Asbestos Inspections in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast or Anywhere in Queensland?

If you are preparing to open a business, or to move your existing business to a new location, you may need to get an asbestos inspection done before opening your doors to the public. Asbestos, though Australian builders haven’t used it for …read more.

Planning a Renovation? Call SAES for Asbestos Testing in Toowoomba, Ipswich, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast or Throughout QLD

At this point, it is common knowledge to homeowners and business owners alike that asbestos fibres are a health hazard. This group of minerals was used heavily in the construction of residential, commercial and industrial buildings in …read more.

A History of Asbestos in Australia (And Why You Need Asbestos Testing in Brisbane and Northside)

Today, we know that asbestos is a dangerous cancer-causing agent. For many years, though, people were not aware of the dangers that asbestos minerals could pose. As a result, asbestos containing materials (or ACMs) were frequently used …read more.

Protect Your Workforce with Asbestos Inspections in Brisbane, Ipswich, Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast

Do you require an asbestos inspection in Brisbane or Ipswich to make sure that your business is a safe place for employees to work? Safe Air Environmental Services can help. Established two years ago, Safe Air Environmental Services …read more.

Searching for Qualified Indoor Air Quality Testing, Water Quality Testing, or Lead Paint Testing in Brisbane? Contact Safe Air Environmental Services.

Compliance is the cornerstone of every company. Each year sees the release of countless regulatory demands, with Australia tailoring the industrial field to the high standards of the Workplace Health and Safety administration (WHS), the …read more.

Seeking an Environmental Consultant in Brisbane? Safe Air Environmental Services’ Consultants Provide Risk Assessment to the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast.

Management was once the only response to risk. Problems were often contained but rarely solved, and assessing the procedures of each company proved difficult – with too many variations shared between commercial and industrial fields. However …read more.

Looking for Environmental Training in Brisbane? Safe Air Environmental Services Provides Health and Safety Solutions and Monitoring Solutions to Brisbane and QLD.

A bad environment breeds equally poor employee morale – triggering a series of anxieties, concerns, and physical complications. This is the cornerstone of the Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) Regulations of 2011, with Queensland legislators …read more.

Safe Air Environmental Services Emphasises the Need for Occupational Hygiene Audits. Trust our Experienced Hygienist Team for all Monitoring Solutions in Brisbane or the rest of Queensland.

In 2013, Safe at Work released a shocking statistic: every 2 to 3 minutes an Australian employee is seriously injured. This amounts to more than 500 000 injuries per year and approximately 7 000 deaths – proving a startling lack of …read more.

Searching for Workplace Health and Safety Consultants in Brisbane and Beyond? Safe Air Environmental Services Offers Quality Audits for all of QLD.

In 2013, Safe Work Australia released a series of air quality regulations, establishing compliance laws for the commercial and industrial fields. These laws addressed the dangers of airborne chemicals and contaminants, highlighting the …read more.

Does Your Business Need an Asbestos Consultant in Brisbane or Queensland? Contact Safe Air Environmental Services for Thorough Management

Asbestos can arise even in the most unexpected of places. During the prime of its usage, asbestos could be found in innumerable places, from roofing shingles to insulation and floor coverings, which means that today it can still be found in …read more.

What Is an Asbestos Sample Analysis or Check, and Why Is Asbestos Identification Crucial for Your Brisbane Business? Learn More about Sampling

Asbestos cannot be seen with the naked eye, nor can you feel, smell, or taste it. The only way to perform an asbestos check at a work site is with a proper asbestos sample analysis. It is important to understand what this is, and why …read more.

How a Commercial Asbestos Survey in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, or Ipswich Keeps Workers Safe

How extensive should a test be when one is performing a commercial asbestos survey in Brisbane? Most people have heard about asbestos and know that it’s dangerous. However, their knowledge of its dangers – and especially its dangers …read more.