Qualified Indoor Air Quality Testing and Lead Paint Testing in Brisbane.

Compliance is the cornerstone of every company. Each year sees the release of countless regulatory demands, with Australia tailoring the industrial field to the high standards of the Workplace Health and Safety administration (WHS), the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) administration, and other governing bodies. The purpose of this is to promote positive, protected commercial cultures.

Safe Air Environmental Services ensures that these cultures operate within the bounds of the law. We provide a series of legislative solutions – including air quality testing in Brisbane, and lead paint testing in Brisbane. We connect our experience with risk identification initiatives and ensure that they meet (and exceed) all requirements.

Safe Air Environmental Services: About Us

Since 2013, Safe Air Environmental Services – SAES PTY LTD – has served as the leading compliance firm in Australia. We specialise in both the industrial and commercial markets, delivering indoor air quality testing to Brisbane, water testing to Brisbane, and other crucial services. Our team boasts more than 15 years of collective experience in the inspection field, and they strive to provide expert consultations.

We also recognise the need for lead and air quality testing in Brisbane. This is why each member serves as both an occupational hygienist and a compliance manager — ensuring that all regulations are precisely followed.

The Necessity of Indoor Air Quality Testing in Brisbane

In 2011, Australia launched a series of commercial guidelines. These guidelines – known as the Workplace Health and Safety Regulations – stressed the need for universal standards, emphasising water testing in Brisbane, and lead paint testing in Brisbane. They set strict contaminant levels and outlined the procedures required to monitor, reduce, and react to these levels.

Safe Air Environmental Services ensures that our clients follow all compliance rules. We offer proactive solutions, including:

Air Quality Testing in Brisbane: all commercial samples are thoroughly examined for airborne contaminants, including dust (PM2.5 and PM10) and asbestos.

Lead Paint Testing in Brisbane: we inspect all surfaces for lead contaminations, and then provide assessments on available removal procedures.

Through these consultations, Safe Air Environment Services ensures that every company conforms to the Workplace Health and Safety Regulations. We analyse, audit, and offer management alternatives.

Our Compliance Guarantee

Safe Air Environmental Services boasts a qualified team of consultants, surveyors, and inspectors. We pair exceptional service with accurate results — guaranteeing that all indoor air quality testing in Brisbane complies with Australian standards. We promise satisfaction.

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We are a local company that serves other local businesses, and we promise legal compliance for all WHS and OHS regulations. To learn more contact us today: