Hazardous Substances – Environmental Safety

Safeair Environmental Services (SAES) is an environmental consultancy leader in Brisbane, Queensland. Our dedicated team of environmental safety consultants specialise in managing health and safety risks in the workplace.

Our consultants and technicians can help to identify health hazards in your workplace, including the presence of hazardous substances. If a hazardous substance is identified, we will then take the necessary risk management steps to eliminate or reduce the risk of exposure to those who operate within the environment, and take measures to monitor the presence of any hazardous substance. Our services don’t stop there, as we will also work with your team to provide an education in the safe handling of hazardous substances and the minimisation of workplace risks.

We offer the following environmental consultancy services:

  • We offer long and short-term consultancy roles with experienced and dedicated personnel
  • We can cover fly-in/fly-out environments
  • Our routine or targeted hygiene surveys can help you to identify, monitor and measure hazards
  • Our consultants can troubleshoot areas of concern and potential solutions to reduce or eliminate risk
  • We can develop, implement and manage a complete workplace health and safety monitoring program

Our key specialisations include:

Air quality

  • Dust, fumes, mists, and airborne fibres
  • Asbestos fibres
  • Gas and vapour
  • Diesel particulates
  • Air quality in confined spaces, including indoors
  • Mould or bacteria sampling

Hazardous substances

  • We can perform Hazmat surveys for Asbestos, lead, mercury, PCBs, SMF, and ODSs(CFC’s)
  • We can manage fibrous minerals
  • Asbestos management in both buildings and soils
  • We can complete health and safety compliance audits
  • We can perform Confined Space Audits
  • We offer a complete risk management service

Water quality

  • Assess drinking water
  • Test environmental discharge
  • Sample and test for legionella

Noise and vibration

  • Assess and survey noise
  • Personal dosimetry
  • Assess vibrations

We also offer training in all of our specialities, to ensure that your staff are fully equipped with all the information they need to operate and maintain a safe work environment. Call Safeair Environmental Services today to take advantage of our wealth of knowledge in workplace and environmental safety.