Air Quality Testing

At Safeair Environmental Services (SAES) we understand the importance of air quality. We provide a range of services designed to evaluate and purify the air you breathe. From environmental testing to risk management, the health and education of your workers is our number one priority.

Our team of industry professionals use specialist diagnostic techniques to test and assess the ambient atmospheric conditions. We undertake fibre testing in order to ensure that asbestos fibre concentrations are below the safe limit of detection and national safety range. If airborne fibres are an issue in your workplace our experienced staff will work with you to design a tailor-made risk management plan. We will also monitor surrounding areas to ensure fibre levels pose no hazard to property occupants.

Here at SAES we use industry best practice to inspect and analyse the air quality of your work site or office. Using experienced and proven strategies, our qualified team members will conduct comprehensive testing on any sized environment. In depth knowledge of hazardous levels and their implications mean we can immediately devise a plan for air control and/or maintenance.

Our specialist technicians can assess any area that may be affected by:

  • Airborne fibres (asbestos)
  • Dust, fumes, and mists
  • Gases and vapours
  • Diesel particulates
  • Micro-organisms (mould/bacteria)

All work carried out adheres to national methods and standards to ensure that your work place air is healthy and safe. Our consultants can evaluate indoor air quality to assess exposure risks and safeguard the safety of your environment. Our specialists can also investigate any odours or other triggers that may be compromising the condition of air in your breathing zone.

Contact our friendly staff today for a customised quote. At SEAS our team are happy to answer all of your questions and organise a detailed inspection of the air quality in your workplace.