Asbestos Testing Services

Safeair Environmental Services (SAES) offers a team of dedicated consultants to minimise the risks of asbestos in your work place or home. As a leader in environmental safety, our team of consultants works with you to promote workplace health and safety and ensure a safe work place or home environment. Asbestos management is a key concern for many Queensland workplaces, and we are here to help manage any asbestos-related risks.

We offer an end-to-end asbestos service. From identification to safe removal and training, our team can effectively integrate with your business to provide a host of suitable solutions when your workplace is exposed to the dangers of asbestos. As leading environmental safety consultants in Queensland, we often work with clients who are all too aware of the risks of asbestos, to both their employees and to the business. Our services span from early detection and identification of asbestos-related risks, right through to troubleshooting and eliminating risks and potential risks.We also maintain a watchful eye over ongoing risks with regular measurement and monitoring of asbestos sites. Did you know that Australia was one of the highest users of asbestos, per capita, in the world until the 1980s? Now, as those building degenerate, the risk of asbestos exposure makes Queensland workplaces particularly vulnerable.

Our services:

Our consultants and technicians provide a range of services to help organisations identify, eliminate, reduce and manage asbestos-related risks, including:

  • Asbestos inspections and sampling
  • Compliance surveys
  • Pre-demolition surveys
  • Management plans
  • Air monitoring
  • Superintending asbestos removals
  • NATA laboratory services, including asbestos identification and fibre monitoring
  • Certified trainers to work with your staff to ensure they are informed and compliant with the legal and safety requirements of working with asbestos

We manage both asbestos in buildings and asbestos in soil requests for risk mitigation purposes. Keep your workplace or home safe by managing asbestos risks before they become hazards. Call Safeair Environmental Services to take advantage of our expertise in managing Queensland’s asbestos dangers.