Health & Safety Training

Safeair Environmental Services (SAES) is a consultancy firm that specialises in providing dedicated Occupational Hygiene and Environmental safety services in Brisbane. We are a leading consultancy firm across Queensland. Renowned for our commitment to workplace health and safety and advancing Queensland’s legislative environment in this field, we are a dedicated team that specialise in environmental and workplace hazards. Our experience means that we always have the right solution at hand, which will minimise risks to your business while meeting local and national legislative requirements. Our expertise is matched by our commitment to communication, which means that we understand our customers’ direction and strategy, and we can align ourselves with your objectives.

Safeair Environmental Services are available to consult on workplace hazards and emergencies 24/7.

As environmental consultants, one of our key roles is to detect asbestos and minimise the risk of asbestos in a workplace. We perform an end-to-end asbestos service, beginning with detection, and including elimination, testing, and ongoing monitoring of a site. We also conduct water and soil analyses to ensure safe working conditions for staff. As experts in asbestos, we also provide a certified training service that will allow you to ensure that your staff are equipped to safely deal with the threat of asbestos in the workplace.

Our training service includes:

  • Certificate IV qualified trainers
  • Asbestos awareness training
  • Asbestos assessor course
  • Asbestos auditing and surveying
  • Asbestos class B removal licensing

We can train staff to:

  • Educate staff on the Legislative frame work
  • Safely and accurately identify asbestos and asbestos-related risks
  • Control and manage risks by eliminating asbestos or minimising potential risks
  • Educate staff about technologies and techniques for maintaining a safe worksite
  • Discuss legal matters related to asbestos, and ensure that employees understand how to operate within these legal frameworks when dealing with asbestos

SAES are leaders in environmental safety across Brisbane and Queensland. Call us to discuss how our expertise can advance your business.