Safe Air Environmental Services Emphasises the Need for Occupational Hygiene Audits. Trust our Experienced Hygienist Team for all Monitoring Solutions in Brisbane or the rest of Queensland.

In 2013, Safe at Work released a shocking statistic: every 2 to 3 minutes an Australian employee is seriously injured. This amounts to more than 500 000 injuries per year and approximately 7 000 deaths – proving a startling lack of protection for the commercial and industrial fields. Regulations eventually arrived to provide this protection, but many companies fail to comply with them altogether (often due to a lack of knowledge about their parameters).

Safe Air Environmental Services wishes to illuminate those parameters. This is why we’ve assembled a team of occupational hygienists in Brisbane and occupational hygienists in Queensland to provide our clients with the support they need. We offer a variety of auditing platforms to identify (and correct) potential risks.

Safe Air Environmental Services: About Us

Safe Air Environmental Services has provided occupational hygiene monitoring to the Queensland region since 2013. Our consultants — all experienced with regulatory practices and members of the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygiene (AIOH) — deliver sterling results to all clients, providing them with bespoke auditing and monitoring solutions. They emphasise efficiency and specialisation.

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Choosing an Occupational Hygienist in Brisbane and Beyond: Our Services

To combat workplace accidents, constant occupational hygiene monitoring is required — providing companies with ways to understand their operational policies and identify potential weaknesses better. Safe Air Environmental Services helps our clients examine each of these weaknesses with care:

Compliance Auditing

In 2011, the Workplace Health and Safety Regulations arrived, introducing a series of standardised measurements for air quality, water quality, noise assessments, and more. An occupational hygiene audit enables companies to follow these measurements, reviewing facilities and processes alike. This is to ensure that all industry requirements have been painstakingly followed.

Risk Specific Auditing

An occupational hygienist in Queensland assesses every work environment, noting the perceived risk found with the presence of asbestos, dust contamination, humidity, and more. He then helps each company manage these issues within the bounds of the law, performing inspections and then generating custom preventative measures.

Management System Auditing

To ensure that all compliance needs are met, an occupational hygiene audit will expand beyond employee parameters – arriving eventually within the management network. Employers will receive the full scope of every assessment, as well as preventative solutions.

Through consistent occupational hygiene monitoring, companies can quickly identify potential issues within their workplace cultures — and then correct those issues. This ensures that fewer accidents occur, giving employees the protection they deserve.

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The statistics prove less than optimistic, reflecting a series of workplace injuries and complications. By utilising the services of an occupational hygienist in Queensland, however, companies can ensure better (safer) futures for all. To learn more contact us today:

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