Planning a Renovation? Call SAES for Asbestos Testing in Toowoomba, Ipswich, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast or Throughout QLD

At this point, it is common knowledge to homeowners and business owners alike that asbestos fibres are a health hazard. This group of minerals was used heavily in the construction of residential, commercial and industrial buildings in Australia, mostly between the 1940s and the 1980s. Asbestos was eliminated from construction use in 1980 and banned entirely in Australia in 2003, following the discovery that the inhalation of fibres cause lung cancer, mesothelioma and other lung and abdominal problems. According to WebMD, other scientific studies have ‘suggested an association’ between exposure to asbestos and cancers of the throat, kidney, brain, bladder, voice box, gallbladder, intestines and more.

These health reasons will often encourage business owners to either set up shop in newer buildings to have extensive asbestos testing done before moving into a new build in Toowoomba, Ipswich or anywhere in QLD. Often, businesses will prefer newer buildings anyway, simply due to the better condition of the spaces and the presence of more modern amenities.

What Asbestos Means for Renovators

However, for companies considering purchasing older buildings and either renovating them or tearing them down to start from scratch, asbestos is an especially pressing concern. In a solid, non-friable (e.g., not easily crumbled) state, asbestos poses a minimal threat. Often during the heyday of asbestos construction use, it was mixed with cement and other materials. While the presence of non-friable asbestos in a building can still not be deemed ‘safe,’ it is considerably safer than friable asbestos, which was used commonly for insulation purposes.

Renovations or demolitions are dangerous in buildings where asbestos is present. Demolishing, drilling sawing or otherwise handling asbestos containing building materials can cause the substance to crumble and release microscopic particles into the air. It is when people breathe in these particles that asbestos can become deadly.

As a result, if your business is looking to renovate an old retail space on the Sunshine Coast or demolish a structure built in 1954 to make way for a new office building, asbestos testing is a step you must take before moving forward. Only experts can handle the removal or remediation of asbestos containing materials, and you must complete these removals before you can move forward with a renovation or demolition.

Hire SAES for Your Asbestos Testing in QLD

If your business renovation or demolition is taking place in QLD, then SAES (Safe Air Environmental Services) is the company to call for asbestos testing. Frequently travelling throughout the whole state for different asbestos testing jobs—from Ipswich to the Gold Coast and beyond—we can help you to determine whether or not you can safely renovate or demolish your building.

By taking samples of different building materials, SAES can determine whether or not asbestos fibres are present. Because of the microscopic nature of asbestos fibres, testing for them is a job that requires an expert. At SAES, we use a combination of polarised light microscopy and dispersion staining techniques to determine accurately if cancer-causing particles are present in your building materials. We then help you to put together a plan for how best to remediate, remove or manage the asbestos in your building.

Are you ready to schedule asbestos testing in Ipswich, Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast? SAES serves all of Queensland, with a focus on the southeast corner of the state. Call us today on 61 7 3311 5622 to learn more about our services.