Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Workplace Health and Safety Consultant

Planning to hire a workplace health and safety consultant? Well, that’s great, but did you know unless you hire the best services, you cannot be 100% sure of a workplace that is absolutely free from all sorts of hazards. There are quite a few things that should be considered before hiring a workplace health and safety consultant and this blog will take you through some of these questions that you should ask to the service provider.

Ask them about their Safety Policy – this is the first question that you should raise. A company that will provide you’re the service of staying safe and free from hazards should themselves be following the rules regarding that. Ask them about the ways in which they will take the project forward. Listen to what they say and find out how much emphasis they lay on removing the hazards.

Ask them about the price and deliverable – This is a tricky question. A workplace has various sorts of hazards and removing them cannot be a one time job. An honest and a reputed workplace health and safety consultant will let you know that clearly. Someone who promises you the moon, is not someone you should look to hire. The price too is a tricky aspect, while a professional will have higher charges but that doesn’t mean that their charges will be unjustified. Compare the prices before you hire one.

Do they work in a team – This is another important question that should be asked. A reputed consultant will always work in a team and they will also include your employees and train them as well because without a proper training, employees will unknowingly create hazards for themselves.

Do they have a certification – A good workplace health and safety consultant will obviously have a proper certification and a license issued by an authority. That should be definitely checked before you hire them.

Ask them about service delivery and success – Success is a relative term while choosing a workplace health and safety consultant. But look for a consultant that says that success means when you would no longer require their services.

These are some of the ways in which you can find the best workplace health and safety consultant. If you are looking for one, please check out the services we offer. As one of the most experienced and professional workplace health and safety consultant in Queensland, we offer top quality services and consultancy to all of our clients. If you have any query regarding our services please feel free to Contact Us any times.