You Should Make Health and Safety Training Compulsory in your Workplace

It is true that the health and safety training in workplaces should be made compulsory. There are a few factors that explain the need of such a training. Here’s a take at such reasons that make it a compulsory.

The Hazards

Irrespective of the type of business that one has, the chances of damage or accident is always there. Almost every kind of work exposes workers to various sorts of hazards. These hazards may include heavy loads, machinery, harmful substances, display screen equipment, electricity, etc.

Consequences of Safety failure

Unlike, what used to happen few decades back, there are much lesser number of workplace safety issues these days because the system of prevention has improved greatly over the years. Surveys have shown that even small businesses have fatal accidents. Surprisingly, small businesses have a higher rate of accidents as compared to larger organisation. According to a survey, the fatality rate in SME manufacturing units is double that of their larger counterparts.

The key Principle

Focusing on health and safety of the workers is not simply about being responsible. This is a good business initiative, opines experts, and should be regarded as any other important business activity.

So, as a business owner following are some of the important things that you should do.

Hazard Identification – This is the first thing that should be done. The first step in getting rid of hazards is to identify them.

Assess the Risk – This is the second step that should be taken. After identifying the risks, you should try to find out how much of a risk factor is there from those hazards.

Get the basics right – Well, this is a tricky point and it means that you should report an accident and record them immediately. Provide the basic requirement of first aid kit to your workers. You should also have the employers’ liability insurance.

Take adequate risk control measures – You should make sure that the risk control measures that you take are adequate and they are used. Besides that, you should also put a backup, such as health surveillance would help you in this endeavor.

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