License Regulations and Key Elements That You Should Know

It is important to store dangerous goods securely and to help you enjoy a smooth process there are several Dangerous Goods Regulations that people need to adhere to. There are quite a variety of regulation types that you need to know because of the different key elements involved in the different regulation types. The good news is, you do not need to renew your license till the time it expires. But when the time comes for you to renew your license, remember to check out the key elements that you need to know about license renew.

Facts about Dangerous Goods Regulations 2000 license categories

Regulations and the Corresponding Key Elements

  • License to Manufacture Explosives in a Factory
  • License to Manufacture Explosives with the Help of a Mobile Manufacturing Unit
  • License to Manufacture Explosive Mixtures at any Central Mixing Point
  • License to Cap the Safety Cartridges in any place instead of the Factory

In case of the above mentioned regulations, the key elements of the license are:

  • Authorising the type of manufacture activity. Aligning with the four manufacturing licenses specified in case of the previous regulations. In case of mobile manufacturing units, one license is needed for every vehicle. There are no extra endorsements required in case of manufacturing explosives beyond the factory.
  • License to Sell Explosives
  • License to Import Explosives

In case of these regulations the key elements of your license needs to be:

  • Needs to have a separate license authorising sale
  • The license authorising import needs to be separate as well
  • In case of selling and importing explosives an optional authorisation is obtainable for licensee.
  • The storage and transport is extremely limited.
  • License to keep explosives stored at a magazine

The key elements for this regulation:

  • In case of selling and importing explosives an optional authorisation is obtainable for licensee.
  • An individual is authorised so that they can store the explosives.
  • The authorisation for transport remains limited.
  • License to Transport Explosives Via Road

The key elements are:

  • A prescribed quantity of explosives are transported with the help of a vehicle and only a single vehicle is authorised to transport the explosives.
  • There are no availability of optional authorisations available.

These are some of the most important Regulations that require its fair share of corresponding key elements of license involved. So having clarity on these pointers is a must to generate better workplace health and safety. [Read: Step To Improve Occupational Health And Safety]