Incorporating Safety Aspects of Crane and Lifting Equipment

Cranes and other lifting equipment are essential parts of any industry. They help in moving and lifting loads as well as personnel. There are cranes that are used for repetitively lifting tonnes of materials ranging between a few and several hundred meters, and there are those that are exclusively used for moving and carrying products within the periphery of the workplace.

Crane Related Health and Safety Aspects:

The following lines discuss the different categories of people who have to look into the health and safety aspects while incorporating cranes at workplaces.

Person Undertaking a Business- If you are the owner or in-charge of a business, it is your primary duty to make sure that the workers as well as other public in the work area, are not exposed in any way to health and safety hazards arising from your business (as much as practically possible). This duty or responsibility includes making sure, as much as reasonably possible that:

  • The transportation, storage, handling and use are safe
  • Maintenance and provision of cranes and other safe plants

Moreover, any person conducting an undertaking with control and management of crane/s is subject to specific obligations related to powered mobile plants as well as plants that suspend or lift loads.

Person Owning a Crane- In case you are the owner of a crane, you are solely responsible for control and management of the crane. If you happen to lease or hire a crane, your control and management of the crane will last as long it is hired by you. It is the responsibility of you as well as the person you have leased or hired from, to minimize or eliminate the risks that are associated with the plant, as far practically possible.

The Workers’ Duty

  • Workers in such environments also have to take up their responsibility in terms of health and safety without adversely affecting the health and safety aspects of other workers and public. It is the duty of the workers to co-operate and comply with reasonable procedures and policies related to health and safety aspects as long as they are within reasonable limits. Also, it is necessary for workers operating specific crane types to own high risk work license.
  • Safe operations, proper maintenance of the plant and proper selection of lifting equipment are important to ensure safety at workplace.
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