How to Identify Hazardous Products in Workplace

Environmental hazards are almost everywhere. If you want to safeguard your employees and your business, you need to learn how to identify the work place hazards. Learn more about them in this post.

Health and safety issues at office or workplace must always be addressed with equal concerns just like you will take care of the productions and other operations of business. It is a part of the management functionality to evaluate the work environment. The management should also analyze the tasks and the risks associated with the jobs that the employees perform at the workplace.

You can conduct a review of the work habits of the employees and all the hazardous materials that are used in the workplace. You can also find out the physical risks of using the potentially hazardous elements, tools or equipment that are used in the workplace every day. As an employer, you should also review the compliance for the specific standards of the type of business operating in the company premises.

Identify the work place hazards

As an employer, you need to gather as much information about the current work situations as possible so that you can have a fair idea about the various possibilities of injuries that can be of any botheration for your employees.

Hazards in a workplace can include:

  • Excavation accidents that can occur from wall collapsing due to chemical explosion or for any chemical explosion.
  • Chemicals that can be potentially dangerous and hazardous for the health and safety of the workers.
  • Accidents that can occur from electrical short circuits or fire.
  • Falling accidents for slippery floors or from tripping from a height.
  • Falls that happen because of uneven surfaces or poor housekeeping.
  • Burns caused by heat or fire.
  • Mechanical hazards that can cause fatigue or other ailments from chaffing, vibrations, etc.
  • Noise pollution that can cause hearing damages or enhance the stress factors in employees.
  • Visibility problems that can occur due to any obstructions or poor lighting.

You can always arrange for an assessment of your work place by professional built environment consultants. One such reputed firm for built environment consultants is Safe Air Environmental Services. They are located in Brisbane and can be the perfect partners for you to give your work place a clean and an eco friendly makeover when it comes to designing a work health and safety program. They will also caution you about the workplace environmental hazards and how to keep your employees safe from such hazards.