How to Hire Best Consultant for Hazardous Material Surveys in Workplace

Whenever we are referring to a Hazardous Material Survey, we must remember that such a survey comprises of an inspection check accompanied by a report on those structures or buildings for such materials that can be hazardous to the health of the workers, environment or for the occupants of that building. Some of the hazardous materials that fall under the purview of the survey are as follow:

  • Lead
  • Asbestos Containing Material (ACM)
  • Chlorofluorocarbon
  • Synthetic Mineral Fibers
  • Polychlorinated Biphenys

Such hazardous materials can be the contributors for different types of health related risks. For instance Asbestos is quite a toxic material and can result in lung related diseases and cancer that include mesothelioma. Synthetic mineral fibers can cause irritations to the upper respiratory tract and skin while lead and PCBs can damage our nervous system.

A hazardous material survey should ideally comprise of visual inspection, identifying hazards in the workplace, sampling and recording the condition, location and type of hazardous material that may exist in a building. These activities should be conducted by qualified and experienced consultants for accuracy as well as precision. A consultant needs to enter his/her findings in form of a report that should also record the risk assessment done and recommendations on how to manage such materials. The invasiveness and the level of inspection usually should depend on whether an owner wants to demolish, refurbish or is occupying the building. A highly skilled consultant should perform this survey accordingly and the teams usually liaise with the clients to determine the requirement and needs of the latter. In order to ensure that there is minimum disruption, such surveys on hazardous materials can be conducted outside the business hours.

Hazardous Material Surveys in workplace should be conducted by a good consultant so that the legislative requirements of health & safety are taken care of to protect the building occupiers and workers from the hazardous materials. It also helps for compliance with the auditing procedure for hazardous materials. While there are some hazards that may cause minor threats that can be easily taken care of, there can be others that should be potentially hazardous to health and should be fixed immediately.

Thus, you should ensure that no comprise is made and the best consultant for a hazardous material survey in workplace. SafeAir Environmental Services is such a renowned consultant that specializes in delivery of risk management services of asbestos to clients from industrial, commercial and domestic sectors by employing a team of highly qualified professionals to deliver client-focused services like inspection, sampling, clearance certification, and surveying.