What to Expect in a Workplace Health and Safety Audit from a Brisbane Consultant

It is important to conduct the workplace occupational, health and safety audits in business annually. If you do not know how to prepare for the same, read this post.

The workplace health and safety audits are considered very common and essential for business operations in many countries across the world. These audits can be internal company audits that are conducted by the well trained and experienced employees of the workplace. You can also arrange for the external audits where you can bring in a professional work health and safety auditor from a reputed private firm and take care of the inspection and the audit for the company.

The purpose of the occupational health and safety audit Brisbane is conducted to ensure that the business is in compliance with the different environmental, safety and also health regulations with that of the OSHA regulation. The contemporary external or internal health and safety audits also include the implementation of all the health and safety management systems according to the guidelines and standards laid by the federal government.

If you are planning to conduct a workplace health and safety audit for your company, here are some tips just for you:

  • Authorize and assign a lead auditor

The main responsibility of the lead auditor will be to assemble the audit team, design and define the various scopes of the audit, design and prepare an audit plan along with the proper audit agenda. He will also review the draft report and follow it up with any modifications and changes that are required for the completion of the audit.

  • Assign a primary site representative

The person who will handle the responsibilities of being the primary contact should be given access to all the essential health, environmental and safety records and permits of the workplace.

  • Design and implement a preplanned for the occupational health and safety audit Brisbane

Just like the audit for the environmental, health and safety is important, it is equally important to have a preplanning for the audit to be in place. The audit team should be informed about the audit and the agenda for the same at least two weeks prior to the main audit program.

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