How to Conduct a Quick Hazardous Material Survey in your Office

Hazardous materials can be found almost everywhere, in and around a building. As the name suggests, these objects pose a threat to the human health and the environment as a whole. These are found more in workplaces; so, the first step to get rid of these is identifying hazards in the workplace. A survey would help to:

  • Find out any suspect materials that can lead to a hazard.
  • Ensure a safer environment.
  • Address other workplace concerns to keep workers safe.
  • Meet health and safety requirements in the workplace.
  • Make the property fit for reselling.

So, how does hazardous material surveys are conducted in a workplace? Well, there is a process that professionals follow to identify these hazards. Such a survey may help in finding:

  • Excessive amount of lead in paints in high wear areas of older buildings.
  • Corrugated fiber cement sheet that is found in the fencing and roofs. These are found in the asbestos as well.
  • Friable asbestos containing material which is there in fire retardant, limpet insulation, pipe lagging, rope insulations and ceiling insulations.
  • SMF or synthetic mineral fibres that is found in roofing insulation and heaters.
  • Soil stained in Hydrocarbons.
  • Fuel storage facilities that include the underground storage tanks. These tanks usually contain fuel derivatives or fuel.
  • Toxic elements such as ODA or Ozone depleting substances that are found in air-conditioners and refrigerators.

These are some of the ways in which a professional service would conduct hazardous material surveys in workplace. These would help in making the workplace a lot safer and thereby enhance the productivity of the employees and motivate them to perform better. Identifying the places in your workplace that pose a threat to your employees is the first step. While, an amateur can point out some of the hazards but you need an expert to ensure that all the hazards are removed. Hazards are of various types. It is easy to find out the physical hazards but when it comes to the ergonomic, chemical and biological hazards, a professional would be the best person to resort to. Hence, in the process of identifying hazards in the workplace it is of utmost importance to hire a professional service in the first place.

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