Best Routine Health and Safety Audits Tips

The owners of businesses have great responsibilities with respect to health and safety within their office premises. It is very important that an organisation has safety related work procedures in place when asbestos or asbestos-related work is going on within the workplace. It is imperative that routine Health and Safety audits are conducted at fixed intervals so that the company experiences a continuous improvement in its health and safety procedures and the employees feel completely safe and protected while they are within the workplace.

Here are some audit tips for routine health and safety audits that will raise the bar of such procedures for sure.

  1. Need to identify the various strengths as well as the weaknesses in a company’s safety procedures.
  2. Need to identify all the risks as well as the risk levels that may exist within the workplace.
  3. A thorough assessment is required to ensure that the safety procedures of an organisation are compliant with the existing legislations.
  4. Check for the availability of sufficient resources to manage the Organisation’s Health & Safety procedures.
  5. It needs to be ensured whether the resources that have been allocated to health and safety related activities are being used in an effective manner or not.
  6. An audit should also come out with constructive recommendations about the possible improvement areas in the safety procedures of that organisation.
  7. Document audit should be done in a proper manner. This means an auditor needs to do a comparison of currently documented processes as well as practices vis-à-vis the best practice as well as fulfill the clauses led down by the relevant legislations.

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