Asbestos Exposure Increases The Risk Of Cancer

Asbestos is a group of minerals that is mostly seen near the industrial areas. They occur naturally in the environment in the form of bundles of fibres those can be easily separated into durable threads. These fibre materials are extremely resistant to fire, heat, chemicals and they do not conduct electricity. These minerals contain oxygen along with atoms of silicon in their basic molecular structure.

This mineral can be easily classified into two separate groups. One is the serpentine asbestos and the other is the amphibole asbestos. In case of the serpentine asbestos, it consists of mineral chrysotile which comprises of long curly fibres those can be easily woven. The amphibole asbestos has minerals like actinolite, anthophyllite, amosite, crocidolite and tremolite. This mineral has needle like fibres and is straight and is more brittle than the serpentine asbestos. Along with all this, amphibole asbestos is a lot more limited in its ability to be fabricated.

How is an Individual’s Health Affected due to the Asbestos Exposure        

People are mostly exposed to this mineral because of its prevalence in thin air.Be it your workplace, or your home or even residential communities, you have it around you all the time. The most harmful affect of this mineral is that when you breathe it in, this mineral tends to get trapped in your lungs and continues to stay there for a very long span of time. With time, as it continues to stay there trapped, it can create problems of inflammation, scarring, problems in breathing and even other major health complications.

The situation can get worse with nonmalignant lung and other such pleural disorders like pleural thickening and pleural effusions affecting your health. Research is still on to find out how this problem increases the risk of lung cancer. But evidences have shown us that pleural disease which is often caused by the exposure to asbestos increases the chances of lung cancer.

Who has a Greater Risk of Being Affected due to Asbestos Exposure

As has already been mentioned, asbestos is present in thin air.Hence, it is but natural that everybody inhales a small amount of asbestos on a regular basis, be it from the air or from the soil. People who fall seriously ill due to asbestos exposure are those who work with these minerals directly in the industrial areas. So, they are the ones who need to stay more cautious. They must use the asbestos air monitoring processes to regulate safety levels and adhere to each and every aspect of their health and safety training.