Air Testing To Ensure Safety at Workplace

Carbon dioxide testing forms part of the preliminary stages of an indoor air quality (IAQ) investigation. This elevated carbon dioxide levels inside any building show how insufficient the exchange of outdoor or fresh air for interior ‘spent’ air is. It also allows various human-source odors and other contaminants to occupy the air inside the building.

Ventilation for Exchange of Air:

It is recommended that you should make sure that the indoor carbon dioxide levels be contained and controlled for reducing the occupant complaints arising out of human-source odors. Supply of sufficient outdoor air for maintaining proper ventilation levels is the only way to control the amount of carbon dioxide present indoors. Here you must note that the measured carbon dioxide concentration is affected by the occupancy in the area, and this must be taken into consideration at the time of interpreting the results.

Tests for Controlling Contaminants:

The above mentioned approach does not always work. For example, if a toxic or irritating contaminant is found in the room, the only way to solve the problem is through controlling the contaminant at source.

Tests for various contaminants such as volatile organic compounds, particulates, microbes, pesticides and formaldehyde will add valuable information to the indoor air quality in the environment. However, these tests should be conducted only when there are concrete evidences of their presence (i.e. presence of the contaminant’s source has been identified or the contaminant’s presence is determined through medical evaluation).

The Value of Air Testing:

  • If you conduct air testing in a given area for several potential contaminants at a time, the results are usually unproductive. But continuous monitoring or testing of carbon monoxide is a comparatively cheaper testing and should be conducted in case the proper ventilation of indoor combustion sources (such as water heaters or furnaces) is under question.
  • The most important offering of air testing lies in the evaluation of various indoor and outdoor testing results. You are able to detect the origin of the issue and then look for possible solutions.
  • You can resort to the services of a quality environmental monitoring service to get the air testing done for your workplace. It will help you get accurate results and also find solutions to your IAQ problems.

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